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Keeping up to date with natural health news is a good way to know what are some of the latest natural remedies, cures and treatments are available. If you subscribe to a natural health newsletter maybe you should forward the news to a few friends so they can’t read all the valuable, important information you have found. I check this particular news source almost everyday to see what going on in the wonderful of natural healthcare.

Some of the more interesting news about natural health I enjoy reading is articles about home remedies to help cure illnesses. I think that is information everyone can use. I also enjoy reading what type of oils may help you be productive during the day, there seems to be something new coming out all the time that I never heard of. I’m not a health crazed nut by any meaning but I like to know what’s going on.

Some might thing natural treatments don’t work but a high number of them do. It’s always worth taking a look to see what foods in your refrigerator might help you treat infections. The thing about this type of news that studies may vary from year to year, something one year may be good for your health and then the year next they can say it’s bad for you. It’s good to keep a pulse on natural health news to understand the natural herbs and other natural supplements to know the how and why they can help you improve your life.

Learn How to Stop Sweating Naturally

Excessive sweating is a extended disease many folks are suffering from. This sickness is responsible for discomfort and also makes many problems for folks laboring under it.

Excessive sweating is the science-based term for this sickness that effects at least 3 percents of of people across the globe. Individuals who experience this disorder usually suffer in silence, hiding their over sweating as best as they can on account of funk of being laughed at being derided by others. That is why this disorder is not only a medical but also a social sickness.

Body odour is frequently associated with excessive sweating. A human’s body scent is influenced by the MHC molecules. These molecules depend on individual’s genetic and play a key function in the body’s immune resistance by flushing out the body’s bacteria through the sweat glands.

The scent is the smell of this bacteria that the organism is flushing out with the sweat. The sweat itself is almost scentless. It is the mix of this bacteria along with the sweat that creates this awful odor.

There are hundreds of effective strategies to reduce excessive sweating that sufferers can use for short term and long term application, but please note that these techniques are not long lasting.

One of the best natural methods I have ever tested is baking soda. It is very simple – just apply it on your underarms and you will see the result instantly.

Nevertheless there is a simple technique that has has helped almost all people who have implemented the remedy. This technique can keep your sweat problem away forever and they guarantee it.

How to Prevent and Cure the Flu Naturally Without a Vaccine

“If a doctor treats your flu, it will go away in fourteen days. If you leave it alone, it will go away in two weeks,” said Gloria Silverstein. Drinking water, washing your hands, and getting enough sleep are important, but the most effective thing you can do to prevent any sort of flu is to boost your immune system. When your immune system is functioning properly your risk of contracting the flu is severely reduced.

Immune system boosters include green tea, garlic, green vegetables, and regular exercise and avoid- or at least reduce- sugar, dairy and meat products. Additionally adding vitamin D to your diet can give you the extra boost your body needs to prevent the flu.

Part 1: Preventing the Flu with Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is a widespread and common problem that causes chronic conditions, debilitating diseases and, in some cases, death. Over one million people die each year from vitamin D deficiency most likely due to not getting enough sun exposure because of skin cancer fears. The irony is that Vitamin D actually prevents cancer and other diseases including the swine flu!

Doctors recommend taking Vitamin D regularly to boost your immune system. “Vitamin D is produced in the body during exposure to sunlight,” says Dr. Oz, host of the Dr. Oz Show. “During the winter we tend to get less exposure so vitamin D supplements are recommended. People who take vitamin D supplements have better luck avoiding the seasonal flu; there is no reason to think that it won’t do the same for H1N1 virus. Flu outbreaks tend to occur in places where solar radiation is low.”

Experts agree, “If you take vitamin D, you don’t need a vaccine!” says Mike Adams, editor of Natural News. The swine flu vaccine is experimental and risky. With vaccine side effects ranging from headaches to severe life-threatening allergic reactions, take some Vitamin D please!

Part 2: Curing the Flu with Homeopathy

Throughout history, homeopathic remedies have been used to treat many different strains of flu. Now many believe that homeopathy will treat this latest H1N1 strain of swine flu. “Based on the symptoms, homeopathy can offer an effective cure to swine flu,” says Harcharanjeet Kaur, a homeopath at Bakson’s Homeopathy Clinic. “Moreover, it does not have any side effects.”

In 1918, homeopathic remedies were used to treat many victims of the Spanish flu, which killed over 50 million people. 28% of the people treated by western medicine died while only 1% of those treated with homeopathy did. “Gelsemium and Bryonia were the two homeopathic remedies that proved to be effective against the H1N1 strain back then,” says Mukesh Batra, acclaimed homeopath in India. “These could be of great use even today.”

Homeopathic Doctors in Mexico City studied the records from 1918 and determined the many similarities between the two pandemics. They successfully treated patients with swine flu in May of 2009.

This news comes at a time when the government is rolling out the latest H1N1 swine flu vaccine, touting the reasons to get the injection, and the media is using its typical scare tactics to get people to line up for the shot- which appears to be not only unnecessary, but also harmful. According to the CDC, “A vaccine, like any medicine, could possibly cause serious problems, such as severe allergic reactions.”

Homeopaths agree that the vaccine is not the cure that the media makes it out to be. “The current vaccine against the seasonal influenza strain H1N1 is highly unlikely to provide protection against this variant,” says homeopath Dr. Sulaikha Hamza. “In case preventive measures do not work or you are already dealing with swine influenza, homeopathic remedies can serve as an appropriate solution.”

Allison Biggar is a writer and filmmaker who believes in using the media to empower people to make a difference. After losing both her parents to cancer at a young age, Allison became passionate about natural, organic health issues and learned that every disease is curable by natural methods.

Founder of Natural News Shares His Thoughts on Raw Food Mentors and Miracles

In this article, Mike Adams shares on raw food mentors and miracles. Mike Adams is known as the “Health Ranger.”

Kevin:: So, when you were getting into raw foods, who were some of your mentors? Who did you follow? What did you learn from them?

Mike: Oh! Wow! Well, Gabriel Cousens is who I learned from.

Kevin:: Yeah.

Mike: I went to the Tree. They invited me there as a health journalist. So, I was actually there for three or four days as a guest and new to it all. I began to eat their foods and interview people and be part of that culture. It was instantly enlightening, a fuse turned on. I thought raw foods, before that I thought it was superfood blended in my Vitamix, which I had been doing for many years, and salads. I didn’t know it could be all this great cuisine.

Kevin:: Yeah.

Mike: Like the best food in the world is actually raw food. I had no idea that was the case. So, that turned me onto that and since then I never looked back. Now I’m pursuing raw food restaurants everywhere I go. Wherever I go I’m looking for restaurants and I’ll bring my video camera and try to do an interview with them.

Kevin:: Yeah.

Mike: If they’re up for that too. Raw foods. It’s the answer. It’s the answer to personal health and, in fact, global health.

Kevin:: So, you’re that convinced?

Mike: Oh, absolutely. Yeah. There’s no question man. I mean, you see people who get onto raw foods and they turn around. If they used to have cancer, the cancer is gone. If they had diabetes, the diabetes is gone. I talked to a woman who was on a liver transplant list. She was one of our readers. She went on raw foods and she was doing some of the super foods that I recommended. She got off the transplant list and then went on to run a marathon.

Kevin:: Are you serious?

Mike: Conventional medicine was ready to cut her open and take out her liver and install a new liver and keep her on all these drugs for her whole life and charge her $800,000 for this procedure. She did it for a few thousand dollars worth of organic food. And bypassed all that pain and misery in debt.

Kevin:: That’s incredible. What do you think about 100% raw as opposed to 80% as opposed to 50%, what’s the deal?

Mike: I think people get a little crazy with these numbers, it’s not a competition folks. I’m like 70% raw, sometimes it’ll be 60 sometimes it’ll be 80. Here at the event it’s probably like 90, maybe 95, who knows. Doesn’t matter. What matters is that you get some raw with every meal, that what’s matters. In fact, I eat a lot of quinoa. I boil some quinoa, put in some onions, make a nice warm soup, put some ginger in there. That is very, very good for you. And I also think that the principles of eastern medicine, Chinese medicine in particular, have a lot of merit in this area. If you live in a cold climate and maybe you need some warmth in your body, you might need some warm soup. Even if it’s just light soup, quinoa, onions and sea salt. That’s all you need, warm soup, get it in your body. It warms you and than you can follow that with some raw foods. And you’re going to be healthier. If you’re walking around and you have cold feet, cold hands, cold butt, and you’re just cold all the time you shouldn’t be chugging raw foods all day long. You need some warmth, get some warm ginger soup in you.

Kevin:: It’s great to hear that because there is the Chinese medicine and the ayurvedic principles that have been around a lot longer than say the western-type diet principles and they do mention either cooked food, or half and half or the yin and yang kind of thing.

Mike: Yes, absolutely. I’m a big believer in using some cook vegetables, like stir-fried beans, just lightly stir-fried. Or steamed broccoli, steamed tomatoes. And nutritionally a lot of nutrients are unlocked by that steaming process. But I would never cook fruit or nuts or seeds. Those thing always need to be eaten raw in my opinion. We also need raw vegetables in parallel with the cooked vegetables. And just remember that anything that you eat cooked doesn’t have the phytonutrients intact. So you’re losing the natural medicine when it’s cooked. And you’re losing some of the proteins when it’s cooked. So you need to be cognoscente of your total diet and put together a recipe that works for you, based on you body type, your climate even. If you’re living up in Minnesota you need some warm food, I believe. You can’t do it 100% raw there. I live in the desert in Tucson, in South America sometimes, and I’m in a warm climate and I don’t even do a 100% raw. I still eat warm foods from time to time.